A small sample of the wide variety of projects that we address at Reliable Hardware and Steel


Watch below as we water jet a custom layout on a porcelain car wash sign from 1960!

Here we have a vintage porcelain sign from 1960s era advertising a car wash from Texas. The owner wanted to add accent lights to enhance the affect. The task at hand was to cut 1 - 1 / 16" and 3 / 16" holes spaced specifically from customer's layout into porcelain art. This project proved to be more difficult than it sounded as laser cutting and high definition plasma cutting both jeopardized the integrity of the porcelain coating on the steel. The Water Jet easily cut this project without damaging the antique surface, thus maintaining the integrity of the porcelain for years to come. 

See how we cut out 60 aluminum plates for a local art design studio; the water jet cut out every piece identical to each other for uniform production quickly and inexpensively.