Looking for Metric Fasteners? BOOM!! We have Metric fasteners. 

Reliable Hardware and Steel is your one stop local source for Metric Hardware, Taps and Dies. Our in stock supply ranges from 3 mm to 24 mm, lengths ranging up to 220 mm. We also stock a wide range of thread pitches for each available size, so you won't have to shop around to find what you need.

Socket Head bolts are available from 5 mm to 18 mm, in lengths up to 220 mm

Hex Head bolts are available in grade 10.9 whenever possible, and are available in lengths up to 200 mm. We also have Stainless Steel hex head bolts ranging from 6 mm to 10 mm in diameter, lengths up to 160 mm.  

We stock Metric All-Thread in 1 Meter lengths. 

99% of our special special orders available and usually filled next day.

Metric Taps and Dies, in many thread pitch variants and lengths.

99% of special orders are filled next day.